The worst thing you’ll see on a footy field this year

UPDATE: Marcus Linsen of Western Suburbs was suspended for seven weeks for the incident on Wednesday night. No apology was given by the club or Marcus himself.

Forget Reece Conca or Ty Vickery, this is the worst thing you’ll see on a footy field in 2014.

The incident occurred during a Sydney AFL Premier Division match at the Village Green between the UNSW/ES Bulldogs and Western Suburbs.

AFL Sydney released the following statement:

AFL Sydney wishes to advise that a player involved in an incident during the AFL Sydney Premier Division Round 17 match between the UNSW-ES Bulldogs and the Western Suburbs Magpies has been cited, and the matter will be heard by the AFL Sydney tribunal on Wednesday August 20 at 6.30pm.

Marcus Linsen of the Western Suburbs Magpies was cited for striking, following an incident between him and Alexander Thompson of the UNSW-Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs during the third quarter of the match at the Village Green on Saturday August 16. AFL Sydney acted immediately, citing Linsen on Sunday.

The matter will be dealt with according to the AFL NSW/ACT Tribunal Rules & Guidelines.

No further comment will be made until the matter has been has been heard by the tribunal.


In the video below, skip ahead to 1:36:50 for the full incident. EDIT: Video has been removed.


You’d think #26 might have an early finish to his 2014 season.



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